From the recording The Legend of Sam Davis

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You take 65 south out of Harrison
Past Bellefonte
Past Everton
Past Valley Springs
All the way to Western Grove
That old bank built out of stones
And hang a right
At Highway one twenty three
And you follow that road
Across the Buffalo River
Across Big Creek through Hasty
Across Davis Creek through Vendor
Then you're heading down the mountain
To Mount Judea
Which you'll find
Is in a valley

And there's switchbacks
For the last part of the climb
Through limestone, shale and sandstone
Oaks giving way to pines
You can hear the wind go hissing
Through the needles
When you reach those heights
Watch for the sign and take a right

That road leads you to the trail to the chicken head wall
I've been there so many times
Still don't know why that's what it's called
But it will take you half a mile
To Sam's throne
You will wonder till you get there
But when you get there you will know
When you get there you will know
When you get there, you will know