From the recording The Legend of Sam Davis

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The Daughter of my people
Was taken from her home
And her mother in her grief and age
Was wintering alone
I lift my eyes to the hills
Where my help comes from
And no help comes

And the letter in the post
Was marked a month ago
And it said that Mother's heart had failed her
Waiting for her children to come home
O Mama you will see I said
O Mama
We'll be home before you know
Home before you know

I made promises I could not keep maybe I was foolish
Maybe I was just weak
Still no one in this place
Will look me in the eyes it seems
And no one in this place
Can tell me why no one's seen
Even a trace
They just look scared and look away

Still the Lord is in his temple
He's watching over all the world
And his will it needs no questioning
From wandering boys and stolen girls
So we pray to understand
As the story unfurls
As best we can
Just to understand

And then the voice of the Lord comes
Like a whisper in the dark
And he speaks his words
Of strength and comfort to my weary heart
And he leads me to a lonely mountain
High above the valley
And he fills me with a voice that thunders
Spirit speaking through me
And I'm changed by the words
I hear my mouth begin to utter
And I prophesy of judgment coming
Prophesy of horror
To the people of this town
Who took no pity on my sister