From the recording The Legend of Sam Davis

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I'm waiting in the quiet
I'm waiting for the kill
Waiting on what comes my way
Waiting on what fills my plate
And I always get something that I need
When I come to these woods
Sometimes all I need
Is just the quiet

Sook sook
Sook sook

There ain't no way to rush the forest
There ain't no way around the wait
She gives you what she gives you
Call it gift or call it fate
But you might as well be grateful
For everything you take
From the quiet

Sook sook
Sook sook

Down there in the leaf bed
There's some fiddle head ferns
They're twisting up their tiny necks
They don't know how they got here
They don't know why they were born
They just grow here
Where they woke here
In the quiet

Sook sook
Sook sook

There's a woman down there making a racket
Calling after cows
Can't see how I'm goin home
With any dinner now
Well I might as well say howdy
She can tell the folks at home
That she met ol ravin Sam
That he come down off his throne

Sook sook came the voice
Sook sook I know that voice
I know that face

I never thought I'd see
Your face alive again
Did you know
That I've been searching for you?
Since the first day you were gone?
I never thought I'd see the day
There you are well and safe